Africa & Middle East Seed




Our process is composed of 5 different steps :

Step 1: Lead
We make a first analysis of your company to see if you match our basic criteria in terms of Geographical scope, Sectors and Investment stage.
At the end of this process, we’ll keep you updated if your company made it to the next step

Step 2: Priorisation
At this stage, we start to dig into your financials and investment deck. We will review 6 different categories:
– Orange Ventures fit
– Quality of your application
– Market opportunity
– Team
– Product / Service
– Financials
After this and depending on our analysis, we decide if we move forward in our process. We’ll send you an email to keep you updated on our process

Step 3: Validation
We schedule an interview with you and your team to dig into your business. We may ask for some references (customers, team members, stakeholders etc.).
At the end of this step, we make our final selection and proceed to our last step.

Step 4: Due Diligence
During this step, our lawyers and partners will start the due diligence process (Legal, Tax and Financial) to control check that everything is in order within your company.

Step 5: Closing
We will announce the winners and proceed with the investment by end of September 2020.
We will make sure that every applicant receives an answer. If you haven’t heard back yet, it means that we’re still reviewing your application.
Unfortunately, we are not able to provide any individual feedback
To be eligible to this challenge, you need
– that most of your operations is based in one of the selected country, or your startup is headquartered in one of those countries
– that you are seed or pre-seed
– you are mostly tech driven

Then, based on the information you provided with your application, you are selected on our understandings of your growth potential and your fit with Orange strategic priorities.
If you are selected, we will provide you with:
– An equity investment up to €150k
– A direct Point of Contact among Orange’s subsidiary in your country to facilitate and support your company in its development
– [For the 1st prize] A 3-month incubation program with our partner Seedstars
No, we do not charge any fee to participate in this challenge. However, if we invest, some transaction fees will be applied to cover the cost of the legal due diligence (limit of €5000 per investment). Those fees can be deducted from our investment amount
No, we don’t sign any NDA but as a CVC fund, we work under confidientality
Yes, only if your funding has not excedeed $1m
Yes, in order to optimize potential synergies between your company and Orange subsidiary, you need to be heardquartered or having as a primary market one of Orange’s countries of operation
Yes, we require each startup to be already registered and incorporated before closing our investment
Unfortunately, we do not fund startups at the idea stage. We will ask you to have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to apply


Please find a presentation of ODV’s portfolio on the following link: https://digitalventures.orange.com/portfolio-companies/
We invest from €50k up to $150k per startup
We invest through a convertible note with the following terms:
– Maturiy: 2 years
– Cap: Depending on the amount invested, from €700k for a €50k check to €1m for a 150k€ check
– Discount: 20%
– Interest rate: 5%
For this challenge, we use the same standardized convertible note for all the winners.
No, we invest through a Convertible note


We only provide mentorship for the 1st prize. It includes a 3-month incubation program with our partner Seedstars (https://irp.seedstars.com/)
A local mentor from Orange’s subsidiary will be allocated to every winner in order to faciliate the communication with Orange and to optimize potential synergies
Yes, you are going to be part of Orange Venture's family of entrepreneurs
The winners will have the ability to be introduced to any relevant business unit within Orange